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The right skin care will enhance and support your injectables and anti-aging treatments. 

Medical Grade Skincare at Jennifer Injectables in Cary

Skin care products are not created equal, which is why Jennifer Injectables has spent the past three years exploring the best options to offer patients. The products we sell contain active ingredients, only available from a medical provider.  Combining the finest skin care with your injectables and anti-aging treatments will enhance your efforts while providing the moisture, hydration, correction and protection skin of all ages require. 

Jennifer will examine your skin's needs and prescribe the products that will address your unique concerns.  From sun protection to skin brightening, explore how the right products can enhance your anti-aging efforts.

Revision Skincare at

Revision Skincare has been formulating products for physicians for over 25 years.  Combining science, research and the purest ingredients in their products, Revision has developed effective solutions for sun protection, skin brightening, moisturizing, and prevention.  We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on products purchased from Jennifer Injectables. 



And moisturize, hydrate, correct and protect! Throw in some medical grade solutions for tone, texture, and tightness and have yourself a recipe to battle anti-aging from the outside-in.  Procedures such as injectables and Infini microneedling can improve the deeper levels of the dermis and epidermis, but without a touch of TLC to protect the delicate skin on the face and neck, your anti-aging regimen could be missing out.  Talk with Jennifer about the products that will address your specific concerns. Your skin will thank you.  


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Latisse at

Dreaming about longer, fuller, darker lashes?  Latisse may be just what you need.  Latisse is an FDA approved treatment to grow lashes.  Talk with Jennifer to learn if you are a good candidate.